Nick Hannes (°1974, Antwerp) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent (B) in 1997. After working as a freelance photojournalist for eight years, he decided to fully concentrate on long term documentary projects about social-political issues. Using humour, irony and visual metaphors, he focuses on the problematic relationship between man and his environment.

Nick published 4 books: ‘Red Journey’ (2009) deals with the transitional phase in post-communist society. ‘Mediterranean. ‘The Continuity of Man’ (2014) focuses on various contemporary issues such as mass-tourism, urbanization, migration and crises in the Mediterranean region. ‘Garden of Delight’ (2018) showcases Dubai as the ultimate playground of globalization and capitalism, and raises questions about authenticity and sustainability. ‘An Unexpected Lesson in Joy’ (2020) is a visual diary of his family life during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘Garden of Delight’, was awarded the Magnum Photography Award in 2017 and the Zeiss Photography Award in 2018.

Since 2008 Hannes teaches documentary photography at The School of Arts (KASK) in Ghent. He is represented by Panos Pictures and Black Eye Gallery (Sydney).

Exhibitions (selection):

*2021    ‘Garden of Delight’, Korean Cultural Center, Brussels

*2021    ‘Garden of Delight’, Diaphane, Clermont-de-l’Oise (FR)

*2021   Group show ‘Civilization: The Way We Live Now’, Mucem Marseille (FR)

*2021    ‘Playground’, PointCulture/Le Delta, Namur (B)

*2021    ‘Office’, Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst/Noorderlicht, Groningen (NL)

*2021    ‘An Unexpected Lesson in Joy’, Hangar Photo Art Center Brussels (B)

*2020   ‘Garden of Delight’, Busan Photo Festival (South Korea)

*2020   Group show ‘Civilization: The Way We Live Now’, Auckland Art Gallery (NZ)

*2019  ‘Garden of Delight’, Lianzhou Foto Festival (China)

*2019   Group show ‘Civilization: The Way We Live Now’, National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne (AUS)

*2019    ‘Garden of Delight’, Festival della Fotografia Etica, Lodi (IT)

*2019   ‘Garden of Delight’, Le Réservoir, ImageSingulières, Sète (FR)

*2019   Group show ‘Matera: Visions from Europe’, Palezzo Viceconti, Matera (IT)

*2019    ‘Garden of Delight’, Encontros da Imagem, Braga (PT)

*2019   Group show ‘Civilization: The Way We Live Now’, National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne (AUS)

*2018  ‘Garden of Delight’, De Garage – Space for Contemporary Art, Mechelen (B)

*2018: Group show “Civilization: The Way We Live Now”, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul (South Korea)

*2018: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, group show ‘Capitalist Realism, Thessaloniki PhotoBiennale (GR)
*2018: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man” + “Garden of Delight”, Triennial of Photography, Hamburg (D)
*2018: “Half a dozen – a photographer’s view of Lisbon”, Lisbon (P)
*2018: “Garden of Delight”, Mulhouse Biennial of Photography (FR)
*2018: “Paradis Infernaux – Enfers Paradisiaques”, Photographie et Architecture Triennale #6, Espace Architecture ULB, Brussels (B)
*2018: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, Medphoto Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Rethymno (GR)
*2017: “Garden of Delight” at the 8th Biennale de Photographie en Condroz, Marchin (B)
*2017: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at Organ Vida Photofestival, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb (HR)
*2017: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, Photolux Biennale Internazionale di Fotografia, Lucca (IT)
*2017: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at Stadtische Galerie Iserlohn (D)
*2017: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at Caja Granada Fundacion, Granada (ES)
*2017: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at PhotoMed Beirut, Lebanon
*2016: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at FotoIstanbul (TR)
*2016: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at PhotoMed, Sanary-Sur-Mer (FR)
*2016: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum (GR)
*2016: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at Centro Andaluz de la Fotografia, Almeria (ES)
*2016: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at Fundacion Tres Culturas del Mediterraneo, Sevilla (ES)
*2016: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, finalist of Grand Prix, Fotofestiwal Lodz (PL)
*2016: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at Head On Photo Festival, Sydney (AUS)
*2016: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, at Photo de Mer, Vannes (FR)
*2015: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man” at 5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (GR)
*2015: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man”, group show ‘Troubled Water. From Aesthetics to the Global Economy’, Muzeum Narodowe, Szczecin (PL)
*2015: Group show “Facing Japan” at Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent (B)
*2015: Group show “Re:View” at Cultuurcentrum Hasselt (B)
*2014: “The Continuity of Man” at Museum of Photography (FoMu), Antwerp (B)
*2014: Group show “Bouteilles à la mer”, Cultuurcentrum Hasselt (B)
*2014: “Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man” (preview) at Cosmos Gallery, Paris
*2014: Group show “Generation ’74” at Kaunas Photo (Lithuania)
*2014: “Red Journey” at Biennale Internationale de l’Image, Nancy (FR)
*2014: Group show finalists Lens Culture Exposure Awards 2013, London
*2014: Group show finalists Head On, New South Wales Parliament House, Sydney (AUS)
*2013: “Tradities” at Kaunas Photo Festival (Lithuania)
*2013: “Red Journey/The Continuity of Man” at “RE: Imagine Europe”, De Queeste Art, Ypres
*2013: Group show “Bouteilles à la mer”, Centre wallon d’art contemporain La Châtaigneraie, Flémalle (B)
*2013: Snapshot Bruges
*2012: Group show “The Flemish Sensibility”, Flanders House, New York, USA
*2012: Group show / Presentation of the collection, FotoMuseum Antwerpen
*2011-2012: Group show “The past is a foreign country”, by Nadaar, at Belvue Museum Brussels
*2011-2012: “Red Journey” at CC De Stroming, Berlare
*2011: “Red Journey” at Wouter Van Leeuwen Gallery Amsterdam
*2011: Group show “Beyond the Document” at Bozar Brussels
*2011: “Red Journey” at Flanders Center Osaka, Japan
*2011: Group show “Finisterre – State of the art of young photography in Belgium” at FotoMuseum Antwerp
*2011: “Si loin, si proche”, Biennale de Photograhie en Condroz (B)
*2011: Group show “Suspicious landscapes” at 44 Gallery Bruges
*2011: “Tradities” at Huis van Alijn Ghent
*2011: “Tradities” at De Engelbewaarder Amsterdam
*2011: Screening “Tradities” at Visa pour l’Image Festival du Photojournalisme Perpignan
*2011: Group show “In the Margin”, Belgian documentary photography at Museum Dr. Guislain Ghent
*2010: Group show “Elders: Idylle en frictie in het landschap” at Sint-Michielsgestel (NL)
*2010: “Red Journey” at Breda Photo International Photofestival
*2010: “Red Journey” at Cultuurcentrum Ypres
*2010: Group show “Facing Brussels”, by Nadaar, at Belvue Museum Brussels
*2010: “Red Journey” at Lux Photo Gallery Amsterdam
*2009: “Red Journey” at CultuurCentrum Hasselt
*2009: “Red Journey” at FotoMuseum Antwerp
*2009: Screening “Red Journey” (former USSR) at Visa Pour l’Image Festival du Photojournalisme Perpignan
*2008: Group show “Screenworlds” at Flemish Parliament Brussels
*2007: Group show “TRUTH*OUT” at De Warande Turnhout
*2006: “Mules on the mountain” (Sherpas of Mount Kilimanjaro) at Zuiderpershuis Antwerp
*2005: “Wrong time wrong place” (refugees in Belgium) at FotoMuseum Antwerp, In Flanders Field Ieper, Sint-Gorikshallen Brussels, various asylum centres
*2003: “8 x Saddam” (mutilated Saddam portraits) at BertaRoses Kunsthoek Antwerp, Factor 44 Borgerhout, De Doos (CC Hasselt)
*2001: Group show “Eigen Volk”, at the Flemish Community, Brussels
*1998: “Braakland” (post-war Bosnia) at De Westrand Dilbeek, Vredeshuis Ghent
*1997-2006: ”Forbidden People” (Kurdistan) at Gravensteen Ghent, Fotografiecircuit, Sfinks Café Boechout
*1997: “From east to east” (Turks in Flanders) at Zuiderpershuis Antwerp, Caermersklooster Ghent

*2018: Zeiss Photography Award
*2018: Days Japan Special Prize by the Jury
*2017: Magnum Photography Award
*2017: Finalist Organ Vida Photography Festival, Zaghreb (HR)
*2016: Finalist Grand Prix, Fotofestiwal Lodz (PL)
*2015: Finalist EI Award at Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal
*2014: Finalist Leica Oskar Barnack Award
*2014: Winner Head On Landscape Prize (AUS)
*2013: Nikon Press Photo Award
*2013: Finalist Lens Culture Exposure Award 2013
*2013: Photographic Museum of Humanity 2013 Grant Second Prize
*2013: Finalist “The Other Hundred”
*2013: Honorable Mention International Kontinent Award
*2010: Finalist Dexia Press Awards – Photography
*2009: Nikon Press Photo Award 2008 for “Red Journey”
*2009: Weekend Photo Award – ‘Urban Dream’
*2009: Laureate The Art of Photography Show, San Diego, USA
*2009: Laureate Visual Culture Awards, Charleston, South Carolina, USA
*2005: Winner of photo contest of Belgian senate/175 years Belgium
*2003: Fotopersprijs Vlaanderen: Award KBC
*2002: Fotopersprijs Vlaanderen: Award National Geographics
*2001: Fotopersprijs Vlaanderen: Award Guido Coolens
*2000: Fotopersprijs Vlaanderen: Award Guido Coolens
*1998: Zomer van de Fotografie Antwerpen: Award De Morgen for “Forbidden People”
*1997: Award Franciscus Pycke for “Forbidden People”

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  1. Kris Smets says:

    Spijtig dat de mooie fotoreeks in de standaard stopt,zomooi.Bedankt

  2. Walter Goldman says:

    can i get your permission to broadcast these pictures on nbc?

  3. Guido Suykens says:

    Geachte Nick,
    als fotograaf en leraar fotografie en foto-esthetica in het SKI in Gent had ik graag eens van gedachten gewisseld over de vormgeving van je imponerende beelden. Het fascineert me hoe de vorm van de foto’s en hun inhoud zowel elkaar ondersteunen maar ook vaak contradictorisch zijn. Zou dat kunnen?
    Met vriendelijke groeten.
    Guido Suykens

  4. Eric says:


    You said than your book “Traditions” ( definitely great !) is available at the book shop
    Does it means we can by it through your site
    Thank a lot

  5. Leo van der Vliet says:

    Naar aanleiding van het artikel in de Volkskrant dd. 31 maart 2011 onderwerp: Volkskunde Vlaandereren: Tradities, foto’s van Nick Hannes.
    In de Leonardus-optocht 2008, een jaarlijkse traditie op 2e Pinksterdag te Zoutleeuw ontdekte ik tussen de figuranten de fotograaf: met mouwcamera het publiek vastleggend
    (Helaas lukt het mij niet de foto toe te voegen)

  6. Petra says:

    Dear Nick,
    beeing a friend of Stijn, the one who worked on the immigration of new immigrants in Ceuta, I think it would be nice if we meet. It seems to me that there are some interests in common it might be interesting to talk about.
    How about catching up for a coffee next week?
    Best, Petra

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