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Verve Photo

The photography blog 'Verve Photo' published one of the pictures from my Mediterranean project The Continuity of Man.
Schermafbeelding 2014-07-22 om 13.12.42
From the blog:
“A Senegalese migrant is selling sun hats to two Italian twin sisters on the fancy beach of Pampelonne in Saint-Tropez, southern-France. Travelling the Mediterranean coasts I encountered these African street hawkers all over. They go where the tourists go. When it rains, they sell umbrellas and plastic ponchos, when it’s hot, they carry sunglasses and hats along. Its a matter of survival to them. This photograph is part of my series The Continuity of Man, a visual portrait of the Mediterranean region. From early 2010 untill now I have been travelling the Mediteranean coast in twenty countries in Europe, the Middle East and North-Africa. I focused on various contemporary issues such as migration, mass tourism, urbanization and its impact on the natural landscape. I found out that these topics are often linked to each other, as this picture proves.”

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Israel / Palestine

De Standaard published a series of 3 reportages last week: Tel Aviv, Gaza and the Westbank.20140717-DS-018-DN-018-OOGGTel Aviv & Sea of Galilee20140719-DS-022-DN-022-OOGGWestbank & Jerusalem20140718-DS-045-DN-021-OOGGGaza Strip

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Thinking of Gaza

Gaza under siege. Thinking of the people I met there just a month ago.GazaGaza city
GazaBayt Lahya, northern Gaza Strip
GazaEdward Said National Conservatory of Music, Gaza city
GazaGaza city
Wedding party, Gaza city

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