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Back from Algeria

From april 3 to 17 I travelled the Algerian Mediterranean coast, from Oran in the west to Annaba in the east. The best photographs will soon be published on The Continuity of Man.130407_Algiers_112_2Algiers130410_Algiers_074Weekly protest of families of people who disappeared after they were arrested by the Algerian police in the 90's. The demonstration is organized by SOS Disparus.130408_Algiers_079Casbah in Algiers

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Snapshot Bruges

130419_Expo_Meifoor_Brugge_007130419_Expo_Meifoor_Brugge_014From april 20 to july 15 the Volkskundemuseum in Bruges shows ten photographs I made last year at the 'Meifoor', the annual fun fair in Bruges. This exhibition was commissioned by Erfgoedcel Brugge, and is part of the cycle of exhibitions called 'Snapshot'.

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Photographic Museum of Humanity

My series "The Continuty of Man" has been awarded the Photographic Museum of Humanity 2013 Grant Second Prize. The jury was formed by Martin Parr (Magnum Photos), Kira Pollack (Time Magazine) and Sebastian Liste (Young Reporter of Perpignan 2012).
From the jury report:
The SECOND PRIZE was assigned to Belgian photographer Nick Hannes for his work The Continuity of Man, a documentary portrait of the Mediterranean Region and the 20 countries that border the sea. Kira Pollack said of the awarded series: “The Continuity of Man lends viewers an offbeat view of the Mediterranean region and the countries surrounding the sea. Nick Hannes’ odd and original perspective demonstrates the start of a strong and consistent body of work — one that we would like to see developed in even greater depth through this prize.”
Click here for an interview about 'The Continuity of Man'

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