Si loin, si proche – Biennale de photographie en Condroz

During the 5th Biennale de photographie en Condroz, I exhibit ‘RED JOURNEY’ in the tiny church of Grand-Marchin. The Biennale, featuring exhibitions of Celine Clanet, Christian Carez, Satoru Toma, Emilia Stéfany-Law, Bernard Foucon, Patrick Bailly-Maître-Grand, Michel Beine, Patrick Mourral, Tendence Floue and Bureau Baukunst, is open every weekend of August. The exhibitions are spread out along a 25km-tour through 3 villages (Marchin, Havelange and Les Avins) in the beautifull Condroz-region near Namur.110806_Marchin_expo_12_2110806_Marchin_expo_24
‘Red Journey’ in the church of Grand-Marchin
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