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Red Journey reprinted

My book 'Red Journey' has been reprinted. The first edition, printed on 1500 copies, was sold out after a year. Another 1000 copies are available again in the bookshops.
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El Puercoespin

The website 'El Puercoespin' has published a series of photographs from 'Red Journey'. is a new digital magazine on politics, journalism and literature founded by two journalists in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From the site:
"Pasé un año viajando por las quince ex repúblicas soviéticas en busca de rastros del pasado y de signos de transición social. Esta serie, “Red Journey”, descubre las diversas maneras en que los paises de la ex Unión Soviética intentan redefinir sus identidades nacionales después de la desintegración del imperio comunista. Muestra una región de contrastes, de extrema riqueza y descorazonadora pobreza, renovación urbana sin límite que hace aún más visibles los barrios carenciados, nuevo culto a la personalidad de dictadores en una escenografía de gloria perdida."
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Die Zeit

The German Zeit Magazin published a photograph from 'Red Journey' (right). Half a picture actually...Die Zeit
'Strandurlaub am Kaspischen Meer, Badeöl gratis.'


El Faro de Ceuta

The Spanish newspaper El Faro de Ceuta published an interview with me last week.El Faro
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I arrived in Tanger, Morocco, this afternoon, to continue working on my Mediterranean project. From here I will follow the coast eastwards, via the Spanish territories Ceuta and Melilla, to finish in the city of Oujda near the Algerian border in two weeks.
From the airplane window I had a wonderfull view on the Strait of Gibraltar and the 'Pillars of Hercules'. Old Tanger is overwhelming at first sight. Lively, shabby, inspiring. I think I'll need a day to get acclimatized to the north African way of life.110105_Tanger_194
The Gran Teatro de Cervantes is a remnant of the days when Spaniards formed the largest non-Moroccan community in Tanger. It opened its doors in 1913 and was very popular between the two world wars. Today nobody seems to care about it. It's sad to see such an architectural pearl die. I climbed up a roof to make this photograph.