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exhibition Facing Brussels

Some impressions of our exhibition FACING BRUSSELS at Belvue Museum (photographs by Dieter Telemans).FACINGBRUSSELS-EXPO-05LRFACINGBRUSSELS-EXPO-01LR



From June 18 to September 5 the open air photo exhibition "Elders - Idylle en frictie in het landschap" (Elsewhere - Idylle and friction in the landscape) is taking place on 23 locations in the Dutch town of Sint-Michielsgestel. Two photographs of "Red Journey" have been selected for the project: 'Yevpatorija, Ukraine, 2008' and 'Aralsk, Kazakhstan, 2007' will be shown on canvasses of 4 by 6 meter.
032.Aralsk KAZ093.Yevpatorija UKReldersuitnod


Paris Match

Paris Match publishes 12 pages on FACING BRUSSELS this week. One spread shows Dennis and Sylvia, a couple I visited many times to photograph their difficult living situation in their decrepit flat in De Marollen.
Paris Match


Slideluck Potshow

Today the second Slideluck Potshow will take place at Stockholm. I submitted a slideshow with a selection of my Red Journey-pictures and compiled a soundscape with my travel sound recordings.

The line up for the show at Delight Studios today:

Alexander March * Anahit Hayrapetyan * Andy Freeberg * Annevi Petersson * Big Ben * Björn Engberg * Bo Hylen * Carling Hale * Casey Kelbaugh * Chris Jordan * Chris Maluszynski * Ciara Leeming * Dean C.K. Cox * DJ Spooky & Ken Tanabe * Dwight Eschilman * Eric Cheng * Evan Abramson * Guido Hildebrand * Igal Jusidman * James Balog * James Worrell * Joel Sartore * John Juston * Kid Karhu * Kristine Nyborg * Marcus Bleasedale * Martha Santos * Melissa Golden * Mia Berg * Naomi Harris * Nick Hannes * Peter DiCampo * Rob Schoenbaum * Sarah Hughes

Good to be shown there, but a bit far to come over for the night.



Our first collective Nadaar-project is almost ready. The exhibition FACING BRUSSELS will open next thursday June 9 at the BelVue Museum in Brussels. 11 BELGIAN photographers joined forces to make a documentary about the diversity of the population of our capital. The catalogue, published by BAI, is for sale at the bookshop of the museum and costs 9,95 Euro.

From the website of BelVue: "The media paint a distressing portrait of Brussels as a city populated by idle young people and thugs. The terraces, parks and prodigious art collections do not feature in the news. It is not easy to love Brussels. Sullen and genial, chic and shabby: the city is everything. Brussels is different according to whether you are a tourist, you live in the suburbs or the city; whether you are homeless, a noble or a Eurocrat. He or she who is born here sees things differently from the immigrant. Eleven Flemish and francophone photographers have translated this plurality into images. Catherine Vuylsteke has put it into words. Facing Brussels: a book and an exhibition, to see in the city and bookshops."

OPENING NIGHT: Thursday, June 9, 2010, 18.30h.

Facing_Brussels_FR Facing_Brussels_NL


Lecture Nadaar

Punctum vzw invites our Collective NADAAR to deliver a lecture about our way of working. This will take place on the 3rd of june 2010 in the Zebrastraat in Ghent. There will be a book presentation of Paul D'Haese afterwards. Free entrance.
lezing Punctum