Nadaar site launched

Finally the website of ‘Nadaar’ is online. Nadaar is a Brussels based collective of photographers and photojournalists, founded by Eric De Mildt, Tim Dirven, Jan Locus, Dieter Telemans and myself at the end of 2008.

In 1864 pioneer photographer Félix “Nadar” Tournachon took photographs of Brussels from “Le Géant”, a hot air balloon. Mobile barriers had to be erected to keep the crowd at a safe distance. Since then these barriers are known in Belgium as “Nadaars”. Nowadays they are often used to keep photographers at a “safe” distance.

Our collective Nadaar is in the first place a platform for contemporary documentary photography. Photography is an individual, sometimes even lonesome, occupation. Therefor it’s good to meet collegues, give feedback on each others work, discuss technical issues or new equipment, exchange contacts and have a beer.

Besides our personnal work, we plan to realise a collective project each year. The first one, a documentary about the diversity of the population of Brussels, will be ready in the summer of 2010.

Being “five in one” we hope to have a better position in dealing with bigger assignments. Because there is power in a union…

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